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Our logo represents a state transition diagram, a method for analysis of dynamic systems.

Want a Great Web site?

A great Web site is more than attractive artwork. Great sites understand user needs. They reduce complex information into meaningful segments and offer navigation that gets users where they want to go without fuss or frustration. Users keep coming back, because sites satisfy user wants and needs fast and efficiently.

Do you need usability?
Usability benefits to your firm

Great Web Sites are no Accident
If you want a great Web site, you need Web designers who understand users.

Design Interactive, an Applied Usability™ company, translates abstract ideas about usability, information architecture, graphic design and system requirements into sites that are simple, elegant, functional and easy to use. Unlike many firms, we actually apply usability ideas to design and build Web sites.
Our approach is better
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Usability Self-Test
Questions based on the lastest research from experts. Start self-test
Top 10 User Complaints
Based on recent research and magazine polls, see a list of user's top 10 complaints. 
10 tips on what to avoid
News and Press
Design Interactive has recently been featured in the news due to E-Audition, a Web site for Worlds Away Musical.  Read about E-Audtion in the News
Come Play with Us
See how tools like Javascript add functionality, try new approaches, and play with stuff. You'll need Shockwave or Flash and scripting turned on. The Lab
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