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Top 10 User Complaints about Web Sites

If you don't give users what they want, they'll go to a site that does. Users don't want frustrations. They want content.

The list ranks features from most to least annoying. If you want to improve your Web site, avoid these mistakes.

1 Slow loading pages.
2   Can’t find the product or info promised on the site.
3   Navigating is confusing: I don’t know where I am or where to go to find what I want.
4   Site wants personal data before I can access pages.
5   Help isn't helpfu;l search doesn’t find what I need. Why have these features if they don’t work?
6   I must scroll down past useless advertising, animations, or graphics to get to the information I want.
7   Too much advertising; too many popup ads.
8   Links don’t work: page can’t be found or link goes to an irrelevant page.
9   Content poorly organized: no clear structure; related info not grouped as I expected or needed.
10   Too many clicks to get what I’m looking for; too much work.


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Internetworks Magazine, United Kingdom, May 2002

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Jakob Nielsen and Marie Tahir, Web Techniques Magazine, February 2001.

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