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  American Society of Hospital Pharmacists

Center for Assessment

CTB McGrawHill


Family Care America

Harper Collins Interactive

Interactive Insurance



Martin Branding

Mind-Q Training

Just Show Up


Software Productivity Consortium

Worlds Away Musical

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The Center for Assessment
Portsmouth, NH
Provides consulting services to U.S. state and local governments on educational assessment and accountability

The Center initally wanted a site that could be used by teachers, government workers, and academics, some of whom were not Internet or computer savvy. Design Interactive worked closely with CFA staff to design content strategies, the navigation, and a graphic look suitable for CFA's target audience. Of note is the dynamically generated publications page, that has a backend interface that allows CFA staff to update publications without knowledge of databases or HTML.

Worlds Away Musical
Falls Church, VA
A musical production that uses the Internet to promote a Broadway-calibre theater show.

The musical's devloper wanted to explore using the Internet to produce and promote a musical, an innovative approach in the conservative theater business. Collaborating with Worlds Away, Design Interactive developed a creative strategy for the site to satisfy the developer's goals and then designed and developed the site. Of particular note is the musical's e-audition, an innovative apporach to auditioning professional talent that is built right into the site. E-Audition was recently covered in the Washington Post and Fox 5 television's Morning Show. Read about these stories: In the News.

View an actual early prototype

Schwab Inc and SRA International
San Francisco and Fairfax, VA
Large dynamic data driven Web application

Schwab, a known leader in user- centered Web design, wanted an interface that was highly intuitive for a commerical product it was jointly developing with SRA. The main challenge was to devise an interface that organized enormous amounts of financial and numerical data for two diverse user communities. Schwab wanted a single interface that allowed general users to complete routine tasks quickly, but also allowed managers and experts to search for, analyze, and find discrete significant items when unusual or suspicious conditions existed. Design Interactive conducted focus groups, developed requirements, evaluated prototypes and coordinated the design team's work with software engineers, data miners, and data architects.
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